Northbrook Governing Documents and Policies

Northbrook residents strive to keep their community a clean, well-cared for, safe, and attractive place to live.  Therefore it is essential that all who wish to live here know and be prepared to follow the rules laid down in the By-laws, Handbook, Declaration and Policies.  For the common good, there are restrictions on what one can do.  For example a number of matters require variance requests before proceeding with installation, such as adding a bathroom, covering the openings under decks with latticework, and installation of exterior satellite dishes and generators.  Other rules apply to the number of permitted pets per unit, the requirement that a dog owner MUST clean up after their dogs every time, requirements regarding safety and maintenance of the units, restrictions on size and type of trucks that are allowed to be stored at Northbrook, to name a few.  It is very important for prospective buyers and renters to familiarize themselves with the Governing Documents and Policies before committing to a purchase or rental.

Northbrook Community Handbook Revised eff. March 2024
Northbrook Condominium Insurance Policy May 2024
Northbrook Community Handbook Revised eff. 5/23
Northbrook Community Handbook Revised eff. 6/22
Northbrook Condominium Insurance Policy 2022-2023
Charcoal Grill Rule – final as of 3/25/2022
Northbrook Condominium Insurance Policy Recommendation for Homowners 2022-2023
Community Handbook Revised 4/2021
Association By-Laws
Tax District By-Laws
Community Handbook Effective 3/2017 Rev. Oct. 2017.  Revision to General Rules and Regulations, 1. Landscaping/Bird Feeder Rule,  Eff. Aug. 1, 2018
Community Handbook effective 3/2017 Rev. Oct. 2017
Community Handbook Effective 3/2017

Tree Removal Policy ed. 6/2012
Northbrook Generator Policy
Northbrook Collection and Foreclosure Policy 9/24/2016
Northbrook Condominium Association and Tax District Insurance Policy 7/1/17 – 7/1/18
Northbrook Certificate of Condominium Liability Insurance 2019-2020
Northbrook Certificate of Condominium Liability Insurance 2020-2021