Cropping and Uploading the Header / Banner

This video shows how to crop a large image and upload it to the website. It also shows how to randomize the banners, and how to make changes to the title of the website.

How to Add to Sidebar

This video shows how to add images and texts to the sidebar and to the bottom of the website.

How to Log Into the Administration of the Website

Shows how to get to the dashboard in order to perform administrative functions on the website, and where some of the functions are located.

How to Add a Page

Demonstrates how to add a page to the website, how to determine the page layout (with or without sidebar), how to control where the page appears in conjunction with the other pages. Also demonstrates 2 ways to set up a link to the page from within the site.

How to Edit a Page

Shows how to edit a page, including how to access each individual page, how pages are arranged in the back end of the site, how to delete a page, how to add text to a page, how to format the text. Also includes how to insert a link into a page, and how to remove a link as well. Also includes how to preview a page before publishing. Important to watch to the end.

How to Upload and Edit an Image

Shows the different ways to upload an image fie to the website, how to name it and add a description, best practices, and how to resize the image from within the site. Also shows the inside of the media section of the website.

Uploading “Other” Media to the Website

How to upload and manage ‘other’ media to the website, including pdf files, Word document, excel spreadsheets, videos, etc. Also shows how to manage the media within the website, and how to view the media from within the site.

Inserting a Picture Into a Page

How to insert a picture into a page, how to determine where to place the picture, and how to format the picture once it’s inside the page. Also demonstrates how to add a link to an image, and how to remove the image from the page. Also demonstrates how to preview a picture in a page, and how to add and remove a caption from an image on a page.

Inserting Documents and “Other” Media into a Page

This video explains how to insert documents (Minutes, Newsletters, Word docs, .pdfs, etc.) into a page. This is not to be confused with ‘uploading these items to the media library’, which is found in a separate video.

How to Password-protect a Page

Demonstrates how to password protect each page and how it appears when password-protected.

How to Remove Password Protection from a Page

How to remove password protection from an individual page.

How to Delete a Page

Demonstrates how to delete a page from the website. Also shows the organization of the pages in the dashboard and how to change how many pages you can see at one time in the back end of the website. Also shows how to restore a page that was deleted, and how to delete a link from within a page.